Jack Kirby’s Worlds: A Tribute to the King of Comics

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Jack Kirby’s Worlds: A Tribute to the King of Comics

100 characters created by Jack Kirby in the interpretation of 100 Brazilian artists
Foreword by the writer and journalist Gonçalo Júnior

Human Tourch by Caio Cacau

Peggy Carter by Chairim Arrais

Loki by André Freitas

Darkseid by Julius Ckvalheiyro

Sentinel by Gil Tokio

Magneto by Mário Cau

Etrigan by Octavio Cariello

Information about the character and a brief biography of the artist
List of all Jack Kirby covers, stories and drawings published in Brazil
List of all Jack Kirby covers, stories and drawings published in Brazil

100 Brazilian artists pay homage to the King of Comics in a beautiful edition!

Hardcover: 224 pages
Publisher: Guia dos Quadrinhos, 1st edition, 2017
Language: portuguese
ISBN-13: 978-85-922667-0-7
Product dimensions: 8,2 x 1,2 x 12 inches (21 x 3 x 31 centimeters)
Weight: 3,3 pounds (1499 g)

With his dynamic style, innovative concepts and an enviable imagination, Jack Kirby revolutionized the comics scene. There has never been another artist like him in the field: penciller, inker, writer, editor and, above all, a conjurer of fantastic characters and worlds. Among his creations we can list Captain America, Fantastic Four, X-Men, The Avengers, Silver Surfer, New Gods, Etrigan, OMAC, Inhumans, Kamandi, Eternals … and many others.

To pay tribute to his 100th birth, the GUIA DOS QUADRINHOS (a free virtual catalogue of every comic published in Brazil country since the 1900s) produced this luxurious tribute book in which 100 brazilian authors pay homage to the King by drawing many of the characters created by the master. Gathered here are illustrators from the comic scene and from other millieu, in all the cases, with plenty experience and years of career, as well as young talents, all of them avid for showing their affection and recognition for the one who helped to pave the way that comics have trod in this world.

With a foreword by the writer and journalist Gonçalo Júnior (A guerra dos gibis), this Deluxe Edition — the first about the author published in Brazil — brings together interpretations of characters created by Kirby. Each character gained a double page. The left page brings information about the character and the cover of the publication in wich he/she made his/her first appearance, plus the photo and a brief biography of the artist who paid the homage. On the right page, at laste, the art of the character by the artist on the left. At the end of the book there is a comprising list of all Jack Kirby covers, stories and drawings published in Brazil to date.

List of Artists

Adriano Panda • Al Stefano • Alex Genaro • Alex Rodrigues • Alexandre Montandon • Anderson Cabral • André Caliman • André Freitas • André Valle • Angelo France • Antonio Eder • Augusto Minighitti • Beto Uechi • Bira Dantas • Breno Tamura • Bruno Borovac • Caio Cacau • Caio Majado • Camilo Solano • Carlos Brandino • Carlos Gritti • Chairim Arrais • Chicuta • Clayton inLoco • Cris Camargo • Daniel HDR • David Lee • Décio Ramírez • Denis Mello • Douglas Bressar • Ede Galileu • Eduardo Ferrara • Eric Peleias • Fábio Catena • Fabio Coala • Fabio Hasmann • Flávio Luiz • Flavio Soares • Franco de Rosa • Germana Viana • Gil Tokio • Gill Pereira • Giorgio Galli • Guilherme de Sousa • Guilherme Raffide • Hugo Canuto • Hugo Nanni • J.J. Marreiro • Jefferson Costa • João Pinheiro • Joel Lobo • José Aguiar • José Carlos Braga • Juliano Kaapora • Júlio Magah • Julius Ckvalheiyro • Klebs Junior • Kris Zullo • Laudo Ferreira  • Leandro Casco • Leandro Robles • Leo Finocchi • Leopoldo Alves • Lipe Diaz • Luciano Salles • Luís Martins • Luiz Felipe Piorotti • Luke Ross • Magno Costa • Marcelo Alencar • Marcelo Costa • Márcio de Macedo • Marco Pelandra • Mario Cau • Mário César • Michel Borges • Octavio Cariello • Omar Viñole • Paulo Cesar Santos • Paulo Kielwagen • Paulo Mansur • Pedro Netto • Péricles Junior • Rafael Marçal • Renata C B Lzz • Renato Lima • Ricardo Sousa • Rodney Buchemi • Rodrigo Loza • Ronaldo Barata • Sam Hart  • Samicler Gonçalves • Samuel Bono • Sandro Castelli • Sueli Mendes • Thiago Spyked • Tom Dutra • Victor Freundt • Will • Will Conrad